Catskill Evening Sun

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend time on a beautiful 50 acre property in the Catskill Mountains, in order to do a painting I was commissioned for.  The sunsets in this area are one of my favorite things to see, as they never disappoint. The patron I was working for wanted a view from one of the highest parts of her land which  has a panoramic view of a part of the Catskill Mountains, the mountain range that she has come to love.  It was an honor to be able to spend time there, soaking up this incredible landscape as I  attempted to express my interpretation of her special view. ~Rita


Catskill Evening Sun, 11×14 oil pastel


20 thoughts on “Catskill Evening Sun

  1. Hey Rita – Beautiful greens and browns leading to your distant atmosphere and splendid sunset witnessed by the neighboring clouds. bet you had one happy client. – Tom

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  2. I love the colours… they really speak to the time of year, when summer’s melting slowly into autumn.
    Sigh! New York is such a beautiful state.
    Congrats on a successfully completed commission 🙂


  3. I would love to see this painting in person as I imagine the blue distant hills and gorgeous sunset drawing me in. It’s a lovely scene that I’m sure your client fell in love with. Fabulous work Rita, a very special place ~

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