Ocean Sunrise_opt

Ocean Sunrise 8×10 oil pastel



Raging Waters, 9×12 oil pastel


Early Morning, Smyrna Beach 11x14 oil pastel

Early Morning, Smyrna Beach oil pastel


Setting Sun, Smyrna Beach

Setting Sun, Smyrna Beach, 16×20 oil pastel


rockaway beach final

Rockaway Beach 5×7 oil pastel


Q....Maine Coast

Maine Coast 8×10 oil pastel



Overcast 11×14 oil pastel


20 thoughts on “Seascapes

    1. Hi Marlene, thanks for the comments. I use a variety of brands of oil pastels, but mostly holbeins, and sennelier. Some of the effects you see here are from the effects of different supports… some are on watercolor paper, some are on gessoed hardboard, and some are on pastel paper. I think oil pastels certainly are not a popular medium… many people find them difficult to control, but for me that’s been part of the fun of them. The unexpected results. Thanks for visiting and commenting… its always appreciated! ~Rita

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  1. Rita, it seems each of us has picked our own favourite. Mine is “Raging Waters”. You really captured the power of the waves there and that sense of the waves raging within. I have been feeling a bit like that with everything on at the end of the year and now trying to get the house ready for Christmas. We’re going out for Christmas Day with family, yet I’d still like to have the place looking nice. Not perfect, just not quite so bursting at the seams. All the stuff in our house is like those waves crashing overhead and it’s not as simple as just throwing the lot out, especially as I hate waste. I don’t like food waste, but I’m also conscious of the finite resources in our environment and the need to reuse, recycle and not buy it in the first place.
    I am also pretty calm on the surface much of the time, but there is that storm within and it’s not always easy for any of us to get it out. I guess that’s where the creative arts are so good. You can create a painting, capture the forces of nature in a photograph or create a dance. Even though I’m a wordsmith, these avenues are so much easier than words.
    xx Rowena

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