Summer Moments…

I can’t believe the summer has come, and  is almost gone already! Time does go by so quickly. While it was passing I tried to hold on to some of those summer moments, painting my way through them.  Here is some of what transpired.



The Pond at Yaddo, 8×10 oil pastel


Queen Anne’s Lace, 810 oil pastel


Through the Plains, 8×10 oil pastel


Cascading Falls, 8×10 oil pastel

A New Half Dozen….


I am not sure where the time goes, but it certainly has flown by! Here are a few of my latest pieces, six in all. Hope you enjoy them.



Adirondack View, 8×10 oil pastel


Rolling Thunder, 8×10 oil pastel


Winter Stream, 8×10 oil pastel


January Snowfall, 8×10 oil pastel


Louden Road Pond, 8×10 oil pastel


Winter Field, 8×10 oil pastel



Well, here it is Thanksgiving weekend, and in a few weeks it will holiday time once again. I haven’t posted in a while, and realized it is because I have really been making an effort to spend as much time as I can soaking up my favorite season, Autumn. It has been a beautiful season this year, and as always, one that seems too short. Here are a few of the pieces I painted to remind me of the season I enjoy so much. ~Rita


November Song, 8×10 oil pastel



My Kitchen Window, 8×10 oil pastel



Autumn Falls, 8×10 oil pastel

Unexpected Guests…

Saturday, while the weather was nice,  I went to a new spot to paint outside… a water canal park which is part of the Hudson River Canal System.  There is lots of water, and marshy areas that are really beautiful. As I was walking along the path to set up my easel there was a four-foot  heron who decided to walk a few feet in front of me on the path. Surprisingly he was not afraid of me, and we walked “together” for quite a way.  As I watched him   I thought what a wonderful unexpected guest!  But as my day went on, I  was quickly  reminded that all guests aren’t created equal….

After I set up my easel and started painting in the late afternoon sun, I was attacked by a swarm of gnats! And when I say swarm, I mean swarm.  They were getting on the painting, in my hair, and biting my arms.  And, guess who forgot to pack the bug spray?  Needless to say, the session was cut short, and the painting finished in the studio. Here is  my painting, Canal Park, which  holds memories of two of the most unexpected of  guests.  ~Rita


Canal Park, 8×10 oil pastel

Round Lake Preserve

I went out for a short hike yesterday, to find a new preserve that had opened up nearby. Most of the trails are currently under construction  and not open for public use, and consequently  there really wasn’t much to see.  However there was one spot…. a boardwalk that opened into to the lake, which was surrounded by a spread of dense water lilies, quietly floating  in the late afternoon sun. It was really quite a sight.  As I looked at the lily pads and the glistening reflections on the water, I thought what a  silent, peaceful sanctuary that I have stumbled upon.  ~Rita


Round Lake Preserve, 5×7 oil pastel

Tidal Song

It seems as though everyone I talk to lately says that January seems to have flown by, and that they can’t believe it is February. It certainly seems that way for me. January was of those months where life just kind of got  in the way, and  I found I was frustrated that  there was little time to paint. No  real complaints here though, all I have to do is look around and see that these are small things in life. I am grateful for the time that I do have, and grateful that even when I am not painting, I can paint in my mind’s eye and compose works that will eventually get on canvas. This was one of those paintings…. one that I carried with me in my mind for the month of January, and finally had some time today to let it flow from my mind to my pastels to be painted.  I guess there is some value in the wait, because when I finally got to paint it, there was much more of a clarity of direction, and appreciation in the process. Maybe that’s true of many things we have to wait for in life, part of the gift of the natural ebb and flow.    ~Rita



Tidal Song, 8×10 oil pastel



From My Window…

There is something magical about the first snow of the season. The freshness, the purity, the sparkle, mixed in with the rich colors of the last leaves of autumn. Even though the season brings difficulty traveling, cold weather, and dark days, I find that it’s beauty is undeniable. I suppose it is like most things in life,  it is a mix of  positive and negative. This morning I awoke to that first blanket of snow, the final goodbye to autumn, a hoarfrost in the trees. Before I finished my morning coffee, I had pastels hand, in touch with the positive in this moment, and was painting this gift of nature from my breakfast window.  ~Rita


Winter Gift, 8×10 oil pastel


A Quiet Gift

This week, it is starting to happen. That time of year when  all of the  fall trees which had been bursting with color start to shed their leaves, becoming leaner; more barren, as they display their November attire.  While part of me is saddened to see those bright colors fall to the ground, there is a beauty in this transformation that I find spellbinding. I see their  graceful inner structures come shining through, displaying a strength as they get ready to storm the upcoming winter. I spend a lot of time looking at trees,…. really looking at them… and maybe I am a little crazy, but in this looking, while I am in the majesty of their presence, I feel like I am receiving a quiet extraordinary gift.  ~Rita


Autumn Lake 11×14 oil pastel

Three of My Favorite Things….

My favorite season is the fall….and one of my favorite places in the world is the Adirondacks Mountains…. and my favorite time of day is the early morning dawn. When the three are combined I feel like I hit  the nature jackpot and the experience is almost overwhelming. I believe each season, each place on this earth, and each time of day has its own beauty, but through my eyes, these three together are a particularly wonderful treat for the senses.   ~Rita


Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30x36

Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30×36

Catskill Evening Sun

I had the fortunate opportunity to spend time on a beautiful 50 acre property in the Catskill Mountains, in order to do a painting I was commissioned for.  The sunsets in this area are one of my favorite things to see, as they never disappoint. The patron I was working for wanted a view from one of the highest parts of her land which  has a panoramic view of a part of the Catskill Mountains, the mountain range that she has come to love.  It was an honor to be able to spend time there, soaking up this incredible landscape as I  attempted to express my interpretation of her special view. ~Rita


Catskill Evening Sun, 11×14 oil pastel