About the artist Rita DiCaprio

Rita DiCaprio Bio and Resume

Artist’s Statement

Painting is a way for me to quench an insatiable desire to create. I have always been captivated by the beauty of nature and the world around me. I feel so fortunate to live in the Adirondack Mountains where the beauty constantly astounds me.  I find an endless number of subjects to paint in the ever changing colors of the landscape.

The paintings displayed here were created with oil pastels.  I fell in love with oil pastels over a decade ago when I stumbled upon them and was immediately drawn to their versatility. I could both draw and paint with them, as their rich texture allowed me to create the mood and atmosphere I desired to convey in my work. By using my fingers to build up layers of pastel, I often feel like I am sculpting as much as I am painting. This process of being in direct contact with the pastels excites me and allows me to engage in a continual dialogue with the painting as I respond to its unfolding and it eventually comes to life.  My painting process is very intuitive…. I let the painting take me where it wants to go, rather than sticking to a preconceived notion of what I think the end result should be.

When I truly open my eyes I find beauty in most everything. My hope is to invite you into an intimate look of my view of the world and to feel the joy I feel when I paint. Art is not just something I do, but a deeply felt part of myself. For me to live life fully is to paint my way through it.

Selected List of Exhibitions and Representation:

Represented by Sorelle Gallery, Albany, NY

Represented by Sorelle Gallery, New Canaan, CT

“The Hudson River School Revisted” Mark Gruber Gallery, New Paltz, NY, July 2017

“Landscapes for Landsake”, Agricultural Stewardship Association, Coila,NY, October, 2016

“The Rita DiCaprio Collection at the Merrill Magee Mansion”, The Merrill Mansion, Warrensburg, NY September 2015- present

“Quiet” solo show, Sorelle Gallery, Albany, NY, April 18-24 2014

“Quintessential” Sorelle Gallery, Albany, NY, Oct. 26 – Nov. 3 2014

“Reveal Fall” Sorelle Gallery Sep. 28- Oct. 11 2012

“The Rita DiCaprio Collection at the Batcheller Mansion”, The Batcheller Mansion, Saratoga Springs, NY March 2011 – present

“Transifixion”, solo show, FEAST Gallery, Saratoga Springs NY February 2010

“Art from the Heart”, Mimosa Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY, February 2010

“The Governors Island Art Show”, New York, NY, June-September 2011

The Jumel Mansion Museum, New York, NY, January 2012

“Rita DiCaprio: Art of Upstate New York.” The Saratoga Springs History Museum, Saratoga Springs NY, February 2015.


Rita DiCaprio is a Signature Member of the Oil Pastel Society.


Contact the artist:  redicap@gmail.com

Contact the artist by phone :  (518) 583-1509

11 thoughts on “About the artist Rita DiCaprio

  1. Wonderful blog, Rita — your painting is a joy to observe. Impressive showings you have had, I wish I lived closer, I would love to visit an exhibition. But I am so glad to have your blog for this purpose. Congratulations on your success and accomplishment. 😀


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