steve's landscape2_opt

Adirondack Light, 8×10 oil pastel


Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30x36

Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30×36


(J) Evening Pause

Evening Pause 11×14 oil pastel


(F) Roaring Brook Falls

Roaring Brook Falls 8×10 oil pastel


last light

Last Light 8×10 oil pastel


(E) Marshland

Marshland 16×20 oil pastel



Marsh on Garnet Lake 8×10 oil pastel



Adirondack Waterfall 8×10 oil pastel


Auger Falls 8×10 oil pastel



Refuge 8×10 oil pastel



Hudson Valley Sun 8×10 oil pastel



Spring Marsh 8×10 oil pastel


Days End

Day’s End 24×36 oil pastel


12 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. Rita, these are all beautiful, if I had to choose it would be very difficult but I am always attracted to light and reflections so there are definitely ones that I prefer for that reason.

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  2. Rita, I really wish I could see these landscapes in person and appreciate their true depth because I feel them arousing something in me and I would love to experience them more fully.
    I particularly loved your ballerina paintings. They were really beautiful. My 11 year old daughter is a dancer and I photograph her when I can because she rarely lets me. I watch a lot of young dancers and dancers on and off stage and I’m captivated. I think of my daughter as My Little Dancer. She is very petite and I am 5ft 10 and lets just say I’m “comfortable”. I also have disability and health issues although I do an adult dance class and last term took my second ballet class. Do you dance yourself? What drew you into painting the dancers? I always feel like a voyeur peering through the keyhole of that dance world.
    Best wishes,

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    1. So glad you are enjoying the paintings. As for the ballerina paintings, no I do not dance myself, although I love watching the ballet. I think there is something magical about the dance world, and perhaps many sides of it, that are unseen behind the curtains. I try to imagine what that is like when I paint, trying to capture a particular moment. Whether it is a dancer or a landscape, I try to bring the viewer to a specific feeling in time. I am so glad you are enjoying my work, and appreciate so much your kind, thoughtful remarks. Best wishes on your health issues. Rita

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