Autumn Gold

It’s October, by far my favorite month of the year. The days now are bright and sunny, the mornings cool and brisk, and the colors of foliage light up every acre of land. Today I finished this piece which is a quieter view of Autumn… not the splashy reds and yellows that dot the landscape…. but the deep browns and golds, that quietly tell us we are this magnificent season.  ~Rita



Autumn Gold, 9×12 oil pastel



19 thoughts on “Autumn Gold

  1. I always feel a bit sad when summer is coming to an end. But then, when autumn comes with all the changes in color and crisp air, then I remember it is almost more beautiful than summer. For us artist anyway. Your painting is a wonderful reminder of how beautiful this time of year is. I do like autumn after all!

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    1. Thanks Susan! Yes, its been a beautiful Fall here too. We are at peak now, and the colors are stunning. My next piece is going to be an attempt to capture their brilliance, which is always a challenge without it looking too garish. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita

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  2. How beautifully romantic!! This reminds me so much of a Constable painting. The leaves are only beginning to change here and it’s marvellous. The colours you’ve chosen for this piece are so real… I really wish I could mix colours the way you can. I mean, how do you dull down an orange or yellow to make it look golden brown, without overly dulling it? 😦


    1. Wow thanks Pauline… I love Constables work! That is quite a compliment! As for color mixing, its a little different with oil pastels because they are not a fluid medium, but basically the principles are the same I think. To not get the colors dull, the key is in choosing the colors wisely and then applying thin layers of the colors to overlap so the bottom layers shine through. For this piece I used a limited palette, … I find that using too many colors can dull a painting too. I hope that’s helpful. Although from what I have seen of your work, your colors sing so you probably already know this stuff! ~Rita

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      1. No, I don’t know any of this stuff. I was never taught, and I find reading art books tedious, so the tidbits I have picked up have all been from artists such as yourself.
        So would you have, say, applied the yellow thinly at the beginning, and then gone over that with more subtle browns?

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