Water in Two Forms

I have always been attracted to water. All forms of water: from nature’s ponds, oceans rivers and streams to rain on the sidewalk, and ice cubes in a glass. My latest two paintings are both of water in two very different forms. The first is of  the ocean’s  powerful  waves. And the second is rainwater, shortly after a downpour on  town roads, reflecting the colors of the city . Whether it is water in its most natural form, or the interplay of water  manmade color and light, I believe water is  truly one of those gifts that is a feast for the eyes and nourishes the soul.  ~Rita



Crashing Waves, 11×14 oil pastel

Evening Rain Final

Early Evening Rain, 8×10 oil pastel

Those Quiet Reprieves…

It was one of those days today. I ran through my day doing a little of this and a little of that. All those things you really don’t want to do but has to be done…. worked on my taxes, stayed on hold with my insurance company forever, stayed in a line too long at the post office, went to the bank, got soaked in an unexpected downpour, etc., Now at midnight  I am very tired, and thinking that I wanted to post the painting I finished yesterday. I find myself wondering about what I want to say about this particular painting. And as I was wondering, I passed by my studio, the painting still on the easel, and  immediately knew what I wanted to say. Whether it is a landscape, a still life, or a dancer, these images I see and try to create in art bring me to a quiet reprieve from life. Watching these dancers, in their world of color and movement, concentrating on their practice quiets me. A quiet reprieve from the frenetic life we all experience at times. For tonight, it was just what I needed.  ~Rita


Ballet Practice, 8×10 oil pastel

Graceful Repose

I have always been in intrigued by people who dedicate their life to one true passion. Those who for are willing to give up all else in their lives to do that one true thing. I am fortunate to live in an area that hosts the New York City Ballet for several weeks in the summer each year, and these young women who dance for us season after season are some of my favorite examples of this. I often think about their dedication… hours and hours of work day after day, week after week,….  being so singularly focused to perform these amazing productions. I often wonder about their lives…. who these ballerinas are behind the scenes, apart from what we see, and for these reasons, they are one of my favorite subjects to paint.  ~Rita


Graceful Repose, oil pastel, 11x14

Graceful Repose, oil pastel, 11×14


From My Window…

There is something magical about the first snow of the season. The freshness, the purity, the sparkle, mixed in with the rich colors of the last leaves of autumn. Even though the season brings difficulty traveling, cold weather, and dark days, I find that it’s beauty is undeniable. I suppose it is like most things in life,  it is a mix of  positive and negative. This morning I awoke to that first blanket of snow, the final goodbye to autumn, a hoarfrost in the trees. Before I finished my morning coffee, I had pastels hand, in touch with the positive in this moment, and was painting this gift of nature from my breakfast window.  ~Rita


Winter Gift, 8×10 oil pastel


A Simpler Time…

Tonight is the end of a pretty hectic weekend.  I guess most of us are experiencing that rushing around…. it seems to go along with the season. But now as everyone is sleeping, and I am alone,  my mind drifts to thinking fondly about a simpler time in my life, many years ago, when things moved more slowly. I easily conjure up images of  being a child and going for a ride at night to look at  Christmas lights. Growing up in New England, this usually meant seeing the lights brightly lit up against the dark night, their colors reflected in the snow. Having the time to just take a ride, for the sake of just  taking a ride, being together and seeing something beautiful. I yearn for those simpler times…when it seemed easier to be in touch with the true meaning of the season. Wishing you all a holiday filled with  the joy and wonder that I remember from that simpler time of my life.  ~Rita


Merry Christmas_opt

Merry Christmas, oil pastel, 5×7

You could have fooled me…

Well the calendar says its December but you could have fooled me. The weather has been sunny with temperatures  in the mid fifties.  Of course this in not at all unpleasant, but I think some part of me craves for that kind of weather that really makes it feel like the holidays here in upstate New York. It must have been somewhere  buried in my psyche because when I sat down to paint this week, with nothing  particular in mind, this is what showed up on the canvas.   ~Rita



Winter Pond, 5×7 oil pastel


A Quiet Gift

This week, it is starting to happen. That time of year when  all of the  fall trees which had been bursting with color start to shed their leaves, becoming leaner; more barren, as they display their November attire.  While part of me is saddened to see those bright colors fall to the ground, there is a beauty in this transformation that I find spellbinding. I see their  graceful inner structures come shining through, displaying a strength as they get ready to storm the upcoming winter. I spend a lot of time looking at trees,…. really looking at them… and maybe I am a little crazy, but in this looking, while I am in the majesty of their presence, I feel like I am receiving a quiet extraordinary gift.  ~Rita


Autumn Lake 11×14 oil pastel