Still Life with Jug

As most of you know who follow this blog, I mostly paint landscapes, and have a particular love for this area and the Hudson River School Painters. But every once in a while, I really get an itch to do something different, and often it is a still life that seems to be calling to me. Yesterday was one of those days, and here is the result of that calling. ~Rita


Still Life with Jug, oil pastel

8 thoughts on “Still Life with Jug

  1. Beautiful 🙂 I have a gravy mug (not jug) that’s identical to this, which I use to hold my water for paintbrushes. You’ve captured the dull, aged brown perfectly. You should do more still life work — this is really good!

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    1. Thanks Pauline! Glad you like it. Every once in a while I do still life work, and I do really enjoy it. You will likely see more coming to this blog, but maybe not until the fall has passed. Can’t take my eyes off of the landscape right now with this beautiful season! Thanks for stopping by~Rita


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