The Artist as Native


Peters Kill Falls, 8×10 oil pastel

A few years ago my son bought me a book for Christmas called “The Artist as Native: Reinventing Regionalism”. The book is a collection of thoughts by various artists who celebrate the places they live and work.  I guess it is  universal that  there are places that get into your soul, and become a part of you. My latest painting is of one of those places here in upstate New York. The terrain is filled with  steep ledges  that jut out over forests, and waterfalls that drop very dramatically.  I didn’t get to spend a lot of time at this particular spot, but this view has been hijacking my thoughts since I got back. And when that happens, there is only one thing to do: Paint it.   ~Rita,

12 thoughts on “The Artist as Native

  1. This is a fabulous piece of art Rita! Awesome distance and love the variety of vegetation/trees,but the real kicker were the boulders and waterfall. It’s a beautiful painting that is filled with a quiet presence.

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