Water in Two Forms

I have always been attracted to water. All forms of water: from nature’s ponds, oceans rivers and streams to rain on the sidewalk, and ice cubes in a glass. My latest two paintings are both of water in two very different forms. The first is of  the ocean’s  powerful  waves. And the second is rainwater, shortly after a downpour on  town roads, reflecting the colors of the city . Whether it is water in its most natural form, or the interplay of water  manmade color and light, I believe water is  truly one of those gifts that is a feast for the eyes and nourishes the soul.  ~Rita



Crashing Waves, 11×14 oil pastel

Evening Rain Final

Early Evening Rain, 8×10 oil pastel

17 thoughts on “Water in Two Forms

    1. Thanks Laura! Glad you like it. Yes, I work in pastels, oil pastels that is. I really enjoy the multitude of effects you can get with them. Although I have used other mediums in the past, I have enjoyed the oil pastels so much that I haven’t used anything else in years. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. ~Rita

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  1. both are lovely Rita, each has its own mood. drama with the crashing tossing waves. and the sheer color saturation of the second image….. this one captivates me, especially!!!! very special and wonderful creations. as you always do, Rita. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. I agree that water is a subject that is eternally interesting. It’s so hard to capture, still it allows you to be creative and find new ways to picture it. Yes, so many shapes too. Movement, reflections, stillness and roar!! No wonder we never get tired of it. As always brilliant work from you, Rita. I especially find the ocean scene captivating with its movement and rich colors. Beautiful! -Heidi

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  3. Water does seem like it would be impossible to capture on canvas but you truly have brought vitality, light , and feeling to both of your latest water pieces. I love the street scene! Such vibrance…..Palma

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