Tidal Song

It seems as though everyone I talk to lately says that January seems to have flown by, and that they can’t believe it is February. It certainly seems that way for me. January was of those months where life just kind of got  in the way, and  I found I was frustrated that  there was little time to paint. No  real complaints here though, all I have to do is look around and see that these are small things in life. I am grateful for the time that I do have, and grateful that even when I am not painting, I can paint in my mind’s eye and compose works that will eventually get on canvas. This was one of those paintings…. one that I carried with me in my mind for the month of January, and finally had some time today to let it flow from my mind to my pastels to be painted.  I guess there is some value in the wait, because when I finally got to paint it, there was much more of a clarity of direction, and appreciation in the process. Maybe that’s true of many things we have to wait for in life, part of the gift of the natural ebb and flow.    ~Rita



Tidal Song, 8×10 oil pastel



23 thoughts on “Tidal Song

  1. Oh Rita, talk about nailing the most beautiful ocean scene. This is my kind of sea painting – all turbulent and high energy, with a most gorgeous spray going. Awesome!


  2. Wow Rita that is so gorgeous! I know what you mean about time flying by and, for me, not even being really occupied, just a busyness 😉 anyway I like what you said about finding clarity and direction in the process. I am loving your work. Thanks for sharing.

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