We Can Be Heroes

The new year got off to a slow start creatively speaking.  January was a month filled with various obligations that took more time than seemed justifiable.  Despite the lack of productivity, I did spend a lot of time thinking about new directions and where I want to take my art this year.  I spent several years painting children’s portraits when my husband and I lived in the Florida Keys.  We left Florida and spent the next ten years sailing New England and the Caribbean and my focus shifted to the landscapes and cities of the places we visited.  The time spent painting plein air over the years has been incredibly valuable and productive both in terms of improved skills and increased income!  But I feel an increasing need to produce something more personal and, frankly, a little more contemporary in my artwork.  I am exploring different ideas and most of them are focused on more figurative subject matter.  Hopefully you will begin to see a cohesive body of work in the coming months that addresses my desire for a new voice!  Hope you all are having a productive start to the new year . . . Eden (Study for Young Superhero Series Below)

We Can Be Heros


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