A Simpler Time…

Tonight is the end of a pretty hectic weekend.  I guess most of us are experiencing that rushing around…. it seems to go along with the season. But now as everyone is sleeping, and I am alone,  my mind drifts to thinking fondly about a simpler time in my life, many years ago, when things moved more slowly. I easily conjure up images of  being a child and going for a ride at night to look at  Christmas lights. Growing up in New England, this usually meant seeing the lights brightly lit up against the dark night, their colors reflected in the snow. Having the time to just take a ride, for the sake of just  taking a ride, being together and seeing something beautiful. I yearn for those simpler times…when it seemed easier to be in touch with the true meaning of the season. Wishing you all a holiday filled with  the joy and wonder that I remember from that simpler time of my life.  ~Rita


Merry Christmas_opt

Merry Christmas, oil pastel, 5×7

28 thoughts on “A Simpler Time…

  1. It sure is a hectic time. What if we decided to make room for simplicity and wonder. In the end, it is a matter of choice 🙂 This year I have decided to embrace winter, which I normally dread. Feels so much better. Looove the painting!! Would make wonderful X-mas cards if you made prints of it. Just saying 😉


    1. Yes, it is a matter of choice isn’t it. Sometimes we forget we have the choice to make. Glad to hear you are deciding to embrace winter… I will look forward to seeing some of your beautiful work as the season unfolds. Thanks for your kind comments on the painting. This was a fun one. ~Rita


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