You could have fooled me…

Well the calendar says its December but you could have fooled me. The weather has been sunny with temperatures  in the mid fifties.  Of course this in not at all unpleasant, but I think some part of me craves for that kind of weather that really makes it feel like the holidays here in upstate New York. It must have been somewhere  buried in my psyche because when I sat down to paint this week, with nothing  particular in mind, this is what showed up on the canvas.   ~Rita



Winter Pond, 5×7 oil pastel


24 thoughts on “You could have fooled me…

  1. Hey Rita – What I like best about this piece is its originality. You have enough experience observing nature and painting plein air you are able to draw upon your mental catalogue of sights and sensations to create a beautiful piece of seasonal art despite the unseasonable temperatures. Bravo! – Tom

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  2. This says winter… deep, deep winter. Beautiful! I especially like the icy blue-grey of the little creek. Looks smooth enough for skating on!
    It’s supposed to be 11 and sunny here today; and 13 on the weekend. What is this, April?!

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    1. Thanks Melissa! It is fun sometimes to just sit down and see what comes out. Sometimes when I use reference photos my muse seems to take me on a different path anyway and it winds up looking nothing like the reference! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s always appreciated. ~Rita


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