As I sit Here and Paint…

As I sit here and paint today, I am struck by the dichotomy of two worlds. One so beautiful and one so ugly. I have no words. I am somewhat numb. My heart  goes out to those in Paris. My prayers are with you. ~Rita


S...Autumn on Gilman Lake

Autumn on Gilman Lake, 5×7 oil pastel


17 thoughts on “As I sit Here and Paint…

  1. What happened in Paris is awful beyond words. Similar horrors keep happening in so many countries every single day, but without the media coverage. It’s unbelievable, is this our civilized world? With all the knowledge and all the intelligence we’ve gained. I mean, really!?

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    1. Yes, it certainly is. Mind-boggling. It is hard to integrate a world that can hold so much beauty and so much hate at the same time. Thank you for stopping by, and your comment on the painting and the post. Probably a naïve view but I can only hope and pray that soon all of us will have our eyes and actions on the beauty in the world, and the hate will dissipate. ~Rita

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