A Quiet Gift

This week, it is starting to happen. That time of year when  all of the  fall trees which had been bursting with color start to shed their leaves, becoming leaner; more barren, as they display their November attire.  While part of me is saddened to see those bright colors fall to the ground, there is a beauty in this transformation that I find spellbinding. I see their  graceful inner structures come shining through, displaying a strength as they get ready to storm the upcoming winter. I spend a lot of time looking at trees,…. really looking at them… and maybe I am a little crazy, but in this looking, while I am in the majesty of their presence, I feel like I am receiving a quiet extraordinary gift.  ~Rita


Autumn Lake 11×14 oil pastel

26 thoughts on “A Quiet Gift

  1. “The majesty of their presence”… I know exactly what you mean by this. Aren’t trees just incredible? They live decades, grow far taller and greater than we can ever dream of doing, and they will continue to be here, as they’ve always been. Your description’s just perfect!
    Nice autumn colours (see you next year, oranges/reds/yellow)!

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  2. I recently commented elsewhere that a view reminded me of Sandy Denny’s song “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” A stanza from that song fits your painting:

    Sad deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving.
    Ah, but then you know it’s time for them to go.
    But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving,
    I do not count the time.

    By the way, in your text you may have meant to write “I feel like I am receiving a quite extraordinary gift,” but “quiet” works too.

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    1. O M G!!! How strange is this??? I actually LISTENED to that song while I painted this painting!!! Can you believe that?? It is actually a song from a CD that I listen to often while I paint. I didn’t know Sandy Denny wrote it…. the version I listen to is by Eva Cassidy, whom if you haven’t heard her sing it you should really give yourself a treat. I actually almost wrote about the song on the post!!! Tooooooo strange!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your sensing a connection to the song made my day. ~Rita


      1. I always like it when coincidences like that happen. You didn’t write about the song, so I did it for you. Maybe we’re psychic. Even if not, I’m happy to have made your day with this would-be feat of telepathy.

        I don’t know Eva Cassidy’s version of the song—or even Eva Cassidy, for that matter—but I’ll look for it. The version that I know and love is the one Judy Collins did in 1968.

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  3. “…bright colours fall to the ground” Beautifully said. I love watching trees to, and I adore the colours which come after the bright ones has fallen to the ground. The changing of seasons is a miracle to watch, isn’t it?

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