Three of My Favorite Things….

My favorite season is the fall….and one of my favorite places in the world is the Adirondacks Mountains…. and my favorite time of day is the early morning dawn. When the three are combined I feel like I hit  the nature jackpot and the experience is almost overwhelming. I believe each season, each place on this earth, and each time of day has its own beauty, but through my eyes, these three together are a particularly wonderful treat for the senses.   ~Rita


Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30x36

Adirondack Dawn, oil pastel, 30×36

20 thoughts on “Three of My Favorite Things….

  1. Larger piece for you, Rita? The reflections in the river water tease my eye upriver to the fall colors emerging in the morning light and on to the subtle tones of the distant mountains. Can only imagine the impact on the viewer in person! – Tom

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    1. Yes, its quite a sight in person! And yes, an usually large piece for me. Glad to see that the water leads you through the painting… that was my intention, and its always nice to know it worked! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita


  2. This is a big one! It really speaks autumn, sigh. Did you do this on a very gritty surface? The water has a strong texture to it, it seems.
    This is just like fall driving through Quebec and New Brunswick, two of upstate NY’s northern allies in beauty 🙂

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    1. Hi Pauline. Thanks for your comments. Yes, it was done on a gritty surface, which consisted of layers of clear gesso. It is a large painting for me… which I don’t usually do, but I like seeing the Adirondacks portrayed so large. It has a different effect. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita


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