Adirondack Morning

I have finally returned after a long hiatus from painting and blogging the past several months!  I hope you noticed I was gone.  It was a long summer and fall filled with sadness and stress but I am finally recovering and renewed with a passion to paint!  The painting below was started during a trip to the Adirondacks and just finished a couple of days ago in my studio. My plein air paintings are usually two color grisailles intended to capture the essence of the scene and then finished in the warmth  of the studio.  Hope everyone is enjoying Autumn!  I will be seeing you more from now on!   – Eden

Oil on Panel 9 x 12

Oil on Panel 9 x 12

6 thoughts on “Adirondack Morning

  1. Hey Rita – Saw a few posts from you the past couple months, so didn’t know you were in a low spot. Glad to hear you are back! Nice work here. Beautiful greens with the beginnings of fall colors. Like the texture and reflections on the pond – Tom


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