The Magic of the Mountains….

There is a historic Inn up in the Adirondacks which has acquired a collection of my paintings. As a perk, I can vacation there. Recently I did just that, and was walking around the town during early evening watching the sun setting over the mountains.  As usual, I was struck by their beauty, and that special something that the mountains seem to own. I don’t know what it is, but without fail it pulls me in every time. My latest work was painted with that feeling in mind, that magic that you can only find in the mountains.  ~Rita


The Magic of the Mountains, 5×7 oil pastel

20 thoughts on “The Magic of the Mountains….

  1. On such a small canvas! Do you ever paint large-scale?? Your work sometimes has such an awesome fantasy element to it… I don’t mean fantasy like dwarves and elves, but mystic and even mysterious. Often I find your landscape pastels very soothing and imaginable — you can picture yourself there, or want to picture yourself there. This is yet another beautiful accomplishment!

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    1. Thanks for such a wonderful compliment Pauline! I appreciate it. I have painted larger pieces in the past, but due to the nature of oil pastels (that they need to be framed under glass) I have gotten away from that. (Many people are not interested in having a heavy large piece of work that can fall and crack ) I also prefer to do smaller intimate pieces. I find working larger a bit cumbersome, and I maybe I am just impatient but I also, really enjoy being able to easily finish a piece in one or two sessions, which I wouldn’t be able to do with a very large piece. As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita


    1. Oh so glad it brought you down memory lane Elizabeth! The Keene Valley area is so beautiful. I spent a few days there last Autumn and the foliage is spectacular. I agree about the beauty of the Adirondacks… its the reason they are the subject of so many of my paintings. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! ~Rita


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