The coast of Maine is one of my favorite places. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit there this summer as I have many times in years past. So this year, the crashing waves that I yearn for are alive in my mind’s eye, and in my dreams. Usually that stuff makes its way to my canvas sooner or later, whether I plan on it or not. Here is my latest, Raging Waters.   ~Rita



Raging Waters, 9×12 oil pastel

23 thoughts on “Dreaming….

  1. This is incredible! There’s something fantastical about it… the dark sky, crashing waves. A truly daunting scene. Congratulations on such a beautiful piece!

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  2. How wonderful it is to have your fine painting talent, Rita, to bring back your favorite places. Raging Waters is absolutely lovely and you captured the drama so well. I have never been to Maine, but your post just drew me closer….


    1. Thanks so much Jet! Glad you like the painting. If you ever have the opportunity to see the Maine Coast it is really spectacular. I have never traveled the world as you have, but I really do think its quite a little gem of a spot. Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by. ~Rita

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