Mid- summer Evenings….

Wow, it’s already  mid-summer. Soon it will be the end of those long lazy nights here in Upstate New York.  Tonight was one of those evenings , where there is something in the air you can’t quite put your finger on, but something that tells you it’s just that time of year. I will try to hold onto these precious nights before they disappear with the season .

This painting was painted on one of those evenings in a place called Stockport Flats, which is filled with lush vegetation, and still green  waters.  It’s by no means considered a spectacular area,… I hadn’t known about it , and wasn’t looking for it, but rather stumbled upon it. Nonetheless, as  I watched the sun setting on the water I couldn’t help but think what a gift this place was, and how wonderful midsummer evenings feel.  ~Rita

Stockport Flats_opt

Mid-summer Evening, 8×10 oil pastel

16 thoughts on “Mid- summer Evenings….

  1. Ooooh, this captures the feel of midsummer perfectly: skies darkening a little earlier, the warmth of the evening (although one with the slightest chill in the air), the reflective and quiet peace of summer… and yet somehow, from somewhere, the looming promise of autumn on the horizon.
    I like this piece a lot!

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  2. Rita, such a lovely warm glow. I think you’ve done well in expressing an intangible. I have similar feelings here in 90+ degree weather in El Paso, somewhere around mid July there’s an ever so slight coolness in the air that’s heralding the fall. but sometimes i think I’m just kidding myself! Smile.

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    1. Thanks Jet! That’s just the look I was feeling I was striving for…. when you can feel that autumn is just around the corner, yet its still summer. As always, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated! ~Rita

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