There’s been a lot in the news lately about the courage to be oneself  and the importance of acceptance.  And I couldn’t agree more.  What struck me  this week though, is an interesting dichotomy in my own life. As those of you who follow this blog know, my medium, oil pastels, is certainly not very mainstream. Over the course of my twenty or so years working in this medium, despite success with awards and sales, I cannot count how many people  have tried to persuade me to do use oil paints. Why? Because oil paints are seen as the mother of all mediums. Oil pastels are just seen as different. They are a relatively new medium;  people don’t know how to use them, and don’t understand how they behave. I personally do not like to use oil paint for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here. But what I will say is that I LOVE using oil pastels. The way they blend, the way they layer, the way you can dig your hands in them and almost sculpt the pigment. Love it. No, it ‘s not  mainstream.   But they feel like me. And I am sticking with them. No, do not misunderstand…. I am not comparing my struggles in this with the Caitlyn Jenners  of the world, not at all.  I just hope that in all areas of life, whether its something as small as accepting a non- mainstream medium, or something as big as accepting someone’s lifestyle, that acceptance, rather than trying to force change, is the verdict at the end of the day.  ~Rita

experimental day 3,2_opt

Acceptance, 8×10 oil pastel

21 thoughts on “Acceptance…

  1. Love this painting and all the work you do with oil pastels. I enjoy working in oil pastels and also the water soluble type. It can be difficult when people form opinions on your art and perhaps be rather dismissive or negative about it, yet, don’t really understand the qualities of the media you use or the processes you go through to create such a finished piece of work! That happens to me sometimes, with the works I’m doing in art apps. I still have to know how to draw and paint, make decisions concerning composition and the use of line and colour. I use the extraordinary media: ink, pencil, paint, oil pastel and so the app, “Art Set Pro” – drawing with my finger across my iPad screen..which in many ways just “feels” and looks very much the same as the works I do on paper or canvas. I’ll keep using this also rather new media (along with others that I use) and glad you’ll do so with your lovely oil pastels. Your artwork shows great talent and skill and there are many I’m sure, including me 🙂 who really appreciate your beautiful work. ~ Janette.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Janette! I am glad you are enjoying the paintings. Your work is beautiful, and I really enjoy hearing about your process. Thanks again for your kind comments! ~Rita


  2. Rita, spot on! oil pastels are to A lot of people… ‘far off the beaten track’ ! its silly really, perhaps patronising. But I think, based on insecurity. I adore your work, your style, how you manipulate the pastels. Your approach to art is – simpatico.

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    1. Thanks so much Debi! I guess in all areas of life its sometimes easy for people to pass judgement on the unfamiliar… what they do not understand. Hopefully we are living in a world where that is changing. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comments. They are always appreciated! ~Rita

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  3. I don’t get why anyone would try to talk you out of using oil pastels. Especially since you do it SO well! You’re a great ambassadeur for your medium. And love the colors in your distant mountains.

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    1. Thanks Heidi! Here in the United States, the other mediums are seen to be given more attention. Oil pastels are not a medium that most artists choose as they are kind of tricky to use. I think people tend to stick with what they know, what others are using and what they are comfortable with. Hopefully that is changing with the wonderful assortment of professional grade oil pastels that are on the market now, and the fabulous oil pastel artists that are emerging around the country. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments! 🙂


  4. Well said, Rita. Couldn’t agree more! your work is really so beautiful, and you can see that you love what you do. I think watercolor gets a bad rap too, it’s not considered as high brow as oils, or even acrylics, but it’s the only medium that really speaks to me, and part of its appeal to me is the layering possible.

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    1. Thanks Rachel! I appreciate your comments. Yes, isn’t it interesting about this hierarchy of mediums? Silly when you think about it. Glad you are sticking with what speaks to you… in my mind, it the only way to go. ~Rita


  5. I feel as if I can see forever with this scene Rita. What a gorgeous scene – a wonderful atmosphere that takes us to the distant mountains. Yeah for oil pastels, the medium wouldn’t be the same without having your masterful hands guiding the sticks to create such incredible pieces of art.

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    1. Great question Steve… and yes, I do. I have left that open for others to see what they will in how the title fits into the painting. Would love to hear your thoughts if you see a connection! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita


        1. For me, I guess its about how nature, and particularly the mountains provide me a sense of peace that helps me to accept the things I cannot change. The mountains are a refuge…providing peace… which in tern helps me to accept. Thanks for the inquiry and the response. ~Rita


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