The Other Side of the Same Fence….

I was talking to my friend, who is in recovery from alcoholism. The way she describes her years of drinking were terrible—her life was falling apart. She describes how she thought about alcohol all the time…that she couldn’t imagine her life without it… and that it consumed most of her waking thoughts. No, I don’t feel that way about alcohol, but I certainly can relate to those feelings when it comes to painting. The conversation made me think about exactly what addiction is ….who gets addicted and who doesn’t. How some people get addicted  to healthy things and we applaud them for their success; and others get addicted  to unhealthy things, and we often condemn them. I wonder if it’s all the same ball of wax, and it just depends upon what side of the fence your passion happens to fall on.  I applaud all of those who are in recovery from addiction, and am so grateful that perhaps, it just may be  I was lucky enough to fall on the other side of the same fence.  ~Rita



The Other Side,   9×12 oil pastel



22 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Same Fence….

  1. I know what you mean Rita, I too have “creative addictions”, so many that I can’t seem to settle on one haha …but as for the physical addictions that some people experience like alcoholism, I do believe strongly that it is actually something that happens to a person when they are physically lacking either some combination of minerals or vitamins (without going into details, I’m simplifying it) coupled with adverse childhood experiences. Whether it is alcohol or some other substance, it seems that alcohol and other substances are a means of self medicating. 😦 I hope that your friend has much success in her recovery. This link talks about this and other subjects related to an imbalance in minerals etc…I hope it also is helpful for others. 🙂

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  2. That – is a very valid point. I think to some degree, we all, have something we are ‘addicted to’. Mine happens to be Coffee. and painting. Don’t think I could manage well without either one. And both are socially “acceptable” Good Post, Great Point! thanks Rita.

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