Musings at the Mall….

I was at the mall yesterday. Yes, the mall. For those of you who know me well, you know this is an unlikely occurrence. I generally dislike shopping, but there I was,  and I found myself watching the crowds of people looking. Or should I say NOT looking. People not looking at the world around them but down into their phones. Keeping their awareness tuned into a tiny screen (or even a fairly large screen) as if these devices had the answers to all of life’s questions. I was struck by how different this mall scene looked now compared to 20 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anti-internet warrior. But I do wonder about how our obsession with electronics will effect the desire of people to interact with each other, and also with the world around them. I believe that good art serves to connect the viewer to the subtlety, beauty, and emotion in everyday life. My hope is that we never get so far away from ourselves that we lose that place  within where we can experience real connection : connection to others, nature, and art,….  a place far away from the glare of the computer screen.  ~Rita


Marsh on North River, oil pastel 8×10



22 thoughts on “Musings at the Mall….

  1. Great article, Rita! I feel the same way. Beautiful painting, by the way – love the peaceful solitude of that color palette. Your oil pastels just mesmerize me every time I see them.

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  2. Hey Rita – Interesting post. We can’t help but interact with others in the real world – at least for the foreseeable future. In the next century it will be different. My guess? Human interactions will be mostly in virtual realities. Our interactions in the real world will be with robots and human hybrids. Human evolution…

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  3. Lovely painting and I like your rich colours. It is great to have so much easy access to art on the internet but at the same time sad that we do always get to see the real soul of a painting from life. Lets hope the shoppers were on their phones reading our blogs!

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    1. So true Anna! While the internet can be a great way to introduce us to new concepts and images, I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that it doesn’t replace seeing the real soul of a painting from life.
      And yes, I am absolutely sure that at least all those shoppers were on glued to our blogs !! 😉 ~Rita

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  4. But on the other hand we sure would miss out on a lot of interesting art if we didn’t have the internet. And we would also miss out on some meaningful interaction. I think there is a time for real life interactions, but there is also a time for internet interactions. Perhaps we just have to get better at separating these two, knowing when to do what. As always, love the mood in your painting. What a wonderful warm glow, I wouldn’t want to leave that scene! You’d have had to carry me away 🙂

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    1. Yes, Heidi, I agree, perhaps getting better at knowing when to do what. I don’ t know what its like in Finland, but here in the United States it seems as though there is a whole lot of internet going on and a lot less of real life interactions! Thanks for the kind comments on the painting. Your thoughts are always appreciated! ~Rita


  5. Amen to that. My husband and I are two of the last people in Canada, it seems, not to have cellphones. We hate them. Never had one, so never have had the need to marry it. I see 6-year-olds walking around texting sometimes. It’s nuts.
    Beautiful piece, by the way 🙂

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    1. Thanks Anne! Yes, it is an oil pastel. 🙂 The kind of oil pastel you use, and the support you choose will provide an array of different results. I have been using oil pastels almost exclusively for the past 15 years and am continually surprised and delighted to see what can be done with these sticks! Thanks for stopping by, and your kind comments. ~Rita

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