Behind the Curtain…..

Deep in the Adirondack Mountains, and off most of the beaten paths of the hiking trails,  you will find these lovely little pools of rocks and water. They are certainly not a highpoint for most,  and of course don’t hold a candle to  the scenic spectacular views of the mountains, but they have a quiet beauty that I often imagine goes without notice. These hidden gems are quiet, trickles of water and rocks, reflecting the rich colors around them in swirling patterns of light. The soothing sound they make is music to the ears . I guess for me, they seem to be a reminder that sometimes life’s riches are not found on the big stage, but behind the curtain.  ~Rita


Hidden Gems, 8×10 oil pastel


13 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain…..

  1. Beautiful painting, Rita. You take us right there with your art and words. The colors emerge from the shadows in the light. – Tom


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