I had fun today. I did this painting with little planning. Just pretty much dove right in.  And while I was doing it I had the clear memory and feeling of how I used to paint when I was a child. How all kids paint. The world stops, and it’s just you and  your colors.  I took this painting right off the easel, sat down on the floor Indian style and painted, without care of anything else. It may not be my best painting, but I had fun.  Real fun. Maybe you can’t approach everything in life with the gusto and abandon of a child at play, but  it seems to me that having that experience at least sometimes in life is a really great thing.  ~Rita

The Saratoga Sand Plains, 8x10 oil pastel

The Saratoga Sand Plains, 8×10 oil pastel

8 thoughts on “Fun.

  1. Thank goodness there’s artists out there painting just to have some FUN!! yippee 🙂 and I must tell you that I was totally enchanted – most especially with your background; the way the trees interacted with the distance was eye stopping. very very beautifully done


    1. Thanks for your comments Debi! Yes, fun… its one of those things we all have to remember isn’t it?
      Its easy to lose sight of it sometimes when you are trying to accomplish a finished painting. Painting this, and writing about it, was a good reminder for me. Glad you enjoyed it. ~Rita

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