I am fortunate enough to live in a place that has beautiful wooded trails with streams and marshland right in my neighborhood. With the long winter, its been a while since I was able to leisurely stroll through them. Today, was such a day, and from that walk, came this painting. Each year I never tire of  the wonderful experience  of the awakening of Spring. ~Rita

Reawakening, 8×10 oil pastel


10 thoughts on “Reawakening

  1. Beautiful — looks very romantic. The red in it almost makes me think of autumn, even though it does have that “world reborn” essence that comes with the spring. I agree, this time of year is wonderful: it’s like walking the battlefield after the war of winter… victory!! Another lovely piece, Rita. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Pauline! I appreciate your comments. I know what you mean about the colors looking more like autumn… I thought the same thing after I painted it. I suppose if I had been more of a planner, I would have chosen more spring like colors, but those were the colors that felt right at the time, so that’s what turned out. I certainly don’t want to rush time to autumn though!! It will be here soon enough! Thanks for your comments and support. Its really appreciated. ~Rita


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