Advice for the Day: Don’t Look Under Your Couch Cushions…

I was recently expecting some overnight guests and decided to do a little extra house cleaning. Bad idea. One thing led to another and before I knew it I began cleaning things that had not been cleaned in …. uh, (clearing throat)… well, lets just say quite a while. Before I knew it, a day that had been slated for painting was eaten up with housework. (Sigh) In looking back, I did manage to finish this painting “Adirondack Waterfall” over the next couple of days, and  I did manage to learn a very important life  lesson. That lesson? I should  always remember to never  look under my couch cushions if I want to paint! ~Rita


Adirondack Waterfall, 8×10 oil pastel


21 thoughts on “Advice for the Day: Don’t Look Under Your Couch Cushions…

  1. Beautiful Rita, the richness of the mass of rock formations are impressive in detail and yet blurred – edging is fantastic. Also like the force and energy of the waterfall.

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  2. Rita, that is such a beautiful painting and yes a great story hahaha …I just remembered, my cushions are attached 😉 but as for spending a whole day (that is slated for painting) disappearing into everyday household stuff…I SOOOO know what you mean. ~ Heather


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