Visual Poetry

“As music is the poetry of sound so is painting the poetry of sight”  –  James MacNeill Whistler Whistler was among the most poetic of painters of the 19th century.  He inspired legions of artists both here and abroad with his lyrical nocturnes and landscapes.   What makes his paintings “poetic”?   One reason may be his atmospheric approach.  There is no attempt to depict the “hard facts” of everyday realism.  Things are suggested and evocative rather than presented in the full glare of sunshine.  The lack of detail encourages active  participate in the painting itself by letting the viewer fill in the details and imbue the image with his or her own emotional and personal meaning.  I am working on making my paintings more like the poem and less like the documentary.  It’s about mood and emotion. Visual Poetry.  It’s a subject I will be coming back to in future posts!  –   eden

3 thoughts on “Visual Poetry

  1. This definitely a visual poetry with its mood and internal flow. Many poets have this ability to turn words into a painting and paintings into words.


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