I must have missed it…..

I heard someone say that today was going to be the first day of Spring.  Excitedly, I looked out my window at various intervals during the day, patiently waiting,  and either saw :

1. Snow drifts

2. Snow falling from the sky

3. Ice

4. My window thermometer reading 27 degrees.

As I continued to wait for Spring to arrive, I painted this painting of  the Spring that exists  in my mind’s eye. I think , that if Spring did arrive today, I must have missed it.  ~Rita

Waiting for Spring

The Wait, 5×7 oil pastel


23 thoughts on “I must have missed it…..

    1. Thanks Beth! This piece was done on sanded pastel paper. Its actually not one of my favorite supports, but it was hanging around the studio and I decided to use it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~Rita


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