All in God’s Plan….

My sister has a theory that people who are avid exercise enthusiasts  are actually wearing out their bodies rather than strengthening them. If you run your washing machine more often are you extending its life or shortening it? Yes, don’t worry, she says it tongue in cheek, but she did cross my mind when I recently went to the doctor with shoulder/arm pain and it was suspected that my pain is due to years of using that arm to excess when I paint. (Sigh)

So, my dilemma is how to  continue to paint while I give my shoulder/arm a rest. While I haven’t quite figured that out entirely just yet, I was thinking about how it must have been part of a bigger plan that I am  lucky enough to be fairly ambidextrous. Here is my latest painting, Sunlit Splendor, which was painted almost entirely with my non-dominant left hand.  ~Rita


Sunlit Splendor, 8×10 oil pastel



16 thoughts on “All in God’s Plan….

  1. Doctors once advised Nietzsche against reading and writing as his eyesight got dim. Of course, he did not, could not stop. The creative juice is stronger than us and demands to flow, be poured into vessels of fire and life. Like love, it will always find a way.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, and I must say that your painting is beautiful. Love how the colours merge and blend.


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