Beauty Prevails…

Before it got so frigidly cold,  I went on a hike with my son to a trail called Saratoga North Woods here in upstate New York. It seemed like a harmless idea: he said it was a short trail, a couple of miles that was more like a stroll than an actual hike.  Well, it did start as an easy trail but what we didn’t account for was some very icy spots that made the climb a little more difficult. That being said it was still pleasant and very pretty until…(of course there is an until because none of my hiking stories ever seem to end pleasantly)… until we got to two trail markers that were on opposite sides of a wide stream. Rock- hopping has never been a strong suit of mine but I can do it if it is not too rigorous. As I stood hesitantly on the last rock before jumping on to the embankment I was listening to my son say “C’mon Mom I know you can do it!!” and I quickly learned one thing : Don’t ever trust a kid cheering you on. Yes, you guessed it. Plop down in the water I went, quickly covered in mud. We finished the hike with me cold, wet, and cranky. (Sigh)  But, I guess somehow in the end, even in unpleasant circumstances, beauty prevails. That scene with the water, snow, and rocks was etched in my mind, and when I got home I found myself in the studio painting it. Here is my rendition of “Saratoga North Woods.” ~Rita


Saratoga North Woods, 5×7 oil pastel

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