Is Bigger Better???

So many times people have asked me, “Why don’t you paint bigger??”  Yes, its the age old question: is bigger better?

Quite frankly, I am  tired of this question. While I have painted large works in the past, I really enjoy the intimacy of a small piece. I remember recently going to the Clark Museum in Williamstown Massachusetts and seeing room after room of amazing works in all sizes… most of which were quite large. But the piece that I found myself most mesmerized by was a small work, not bigger than a five by seven. A dark, moody, interior by a 19th century dutch artist with such remarkable lighting it took my breath away. Its impact was bigger than any piece I had seen that day.

For me, its what you see in a painting, how it moves you, which is what gives it meaning and value. Size? In my book, it just doesn’t matter.  ~Rita

Here is my latest:


Finding Hannah 8×10 oil pastel




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