Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

I was listening to the TV the other day and was struck by how many times a local newscaster came on in little  snippets to tell the viewers tomorrow’s weather. But it wasn’t just tomorrow’s weather, it was BIG NEWS: “IT’S GOING TO BE A COLD ONE OUT THERE TOMORROW!! STAY TUNED FOR THE DETAILS!”  Really?? This is news?? Shocking. Its winter in upstate New York, and here I was thinking it was going to be warm and balmy. A real newsworthy item that would match the excitement in his voice would have been “BE PREPARED! IT’S NOT GOING TO BE COLD TOMORROW!!” Oh well.  Here’s my latest painting.  A landscape. A cold, snowy landscape. After all, it is winter in upstate New York.  ~Rita


Evening Hush, 8×10 oil pastel

15 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

  1. Brrr, this actually makes me feel cold — great job capturing winter! It reminds me of childhood a bit, playing hockey out on the frozen ice until the sun had set, and then that cold, dark walk home, trudging through thick snow, past icy trees…
    In a previous post you mentioned how a piece of art doesn’t need to be large in order to be mesmerising, and I think this piece fits that bill perfectly. It’s got such a haunting sort of elegance to it… hard to look away. Simply beautiful!

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