A Good Start??

Snow, snow and more snow. We have been clobbered here in Upstate New York this season, and I have been painting one of my favorite subjects: snow.


Harvest’s End, 8×10 oil pastel

I recently dropped off my teenage son at a friends house and was struck by the shadows in a gully by the side of the road.  The image stuck in my mind, and when I returned home, I went into my studio to paint it. As I FINISHED the painting my son walked in and I asked him what he thought. His response? “I guess its a good start.” (Sigh) I suppose its a good reminder of how different we all see things, in art, and in life. Here is my (finished) painting, “Harvest’s End.” I am calling it done.    ~Rita

18 thoughts on “A Good Start??

  1. It’s gorgeous! I feel as though I could walk right into the scene (with boots of course!). Puts a lot of warmth into the cold winter we’ve had this year. Love it!


  2. Rita, I like the cool shadows that we have to “walk” over to go to the warmth further back in the painting. And don’t worry about teenaged son’s reaction. He was probably envisioning it being finished when it included a girl, a truck, a guitar, a monster, or a snowball fight!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely view. – Ruth


  3. Oh this is funny! I have a couple of those adolescents at my house, so I can really relate. It is a lovely painting, I can feel myself there. thanks for checking out my blog. Glad to read that you are not dead! that was a great post and congrats on the show and recognition.

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  4. Just beautiful! My eyes don’t want to look away from those warm purple shadows in the snow. Your work is simply wonderful, and I love all of your descriptions as well. Cheers!

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